Kerry Dunker is a well known local musician with a deep love of music. He has been playing the drums since 1978, making the jump into professional arena in 2001 with the band, Texaz Fludd, later becoming  ROPE. During his stint with ROPE, Kerry began to broaden his scope performing and recording original music. Entering the studio for the first time in 2002, Dunker found himself at home behind the drums and behind the mixing board. It was during this time Kerry picked up his first guitar, teaching himself to play the acoustic guitar and later a bass guitar. Building on life experience and personal growth Dunker opened IC Sound in 2015 offering affordable, high quality digital recording to local artist.  As he pursues his own musical ambition of recording original music, he longs to support the new and seasoned artists on their own creative experience.

“I want to allow the artist to create on their terms. As a producer I want to create a safe platform where new artists can learn and grow; and seasoned artists can expand their own personal creativity.”

Fellow musicians remark on his ability to “play in the pocket,” as Kerry brings to the stage a chameleon-like flexibility that allows him to drop into any musical situation and play as if he’s always been there. While he favors Blues and Classic Rock, he is now venturing into Jazz. He is at home in awide variety of genres – always taking rhythms to a new level. 


Performing, composing, arranging, recording, producing.       

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Flatland Rock &  IC Sound

Flatland Rock &  IC Sound

About Us

  ...  Flatland Rock   musician A genre of rock, fusion, inde, blues rock, modern rock:Flatland Rock was born out of one man’s dream to record his own music.  Kerry Dunker has been a musician since 1978, developing his own style through a love of classic rock and Blues. On this album “Flatland Rock-Petrified”, Dunker creates a new rock fusion; a sound of the past and a message for today